Vocal Coaching | Vocal Studio in Berlin | Singing Lessons via Skype

Do you want to learn how to sing Pop or Rock but can’t find a teacher? You don’t need to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials without any progress. You learn singing by doing! I’m Mark Gritsenko, lead singer of Marakesh, and my lessons are based on my 10+ year career as a musician and a degree in contemporary singing. Taught in the center of Berlin and worldwide via Skype.

✓ Pop Vocals (R&B, Soul)
✓ Rock Vocals (Indie/Alternative, Punk, Metal, Vocal Distortion)
✓ For all ages and levels, from beginners to professional singers
✓ Fun and interesting classes, calm and patient teacher :)
✓ Affordable and flexible pricing
✓ Most effective and proven exercises and techniques, structured training method
✓ Discover essential warm-up exercises, correct breathing, expand your range, improve your tone & pitch
✓ Central location (Alexanderplatz)

My method is focused around four main processes involved in vocal sound – breath support, larynx, vocal resonators and articulation.
If these concepts sound a bit confusing to you, no worries – I will explain and train you to master them in a most understandable way, so you can really achieve a great improvement in singing during the course.

Explore the full programme of study here.

Lessons are taught in English and Russian.

Trial Lesson

First Trial lesson for new students: 15€


Private lessons in a studio in Berlin:

4 Lessons Pack 60 minutes each 159€
10 Lessons Course 60 minutes each 349€ (12% Discount)

Private lessons via Skype:

4 Lessons Pack 60 minutes each 120€
10 Lessons Course 60 minutes each 249€ (17% Discount)

Additional Services

• Vocals recording – 100€ per song. Get a professional recording of your singing.

• Guitar lessons

• Songwriting and Music production lessons

• Songwriting and composing services – contact me at contact@markgritz.com for a quote.

Book now

To book a lesson please write an email to marakeshband@gmail.com


Read all reviews via Google+

Dartsya T.

“Learning singing with Mark was amazing and relaxing. During his lessons I got to know many great tips and tricks that helped to shape my voice. Very professional and he is a real nice guy. Highly recommended!”

Tobias D.

“I’m currently taking skype lessons with Mark, and have done so for the past 4 months. I am very pleased with my progress and I intend to stick with Mark as my singing teacher for a long time to come. I highly recommend Mark as a teacher, he is both calm, pleasant and a good teacher.”

Katharina N.

“I took vocal jazz classes for many years and wanted to do something new to open up my musical and creative horizon. Since Mark was playing in multiple bands all over Europe he is not only able to train pop/rock vocal training but also to give comprehensive insight views of the pop/rock music business. With Mark´s help I was able to experience various ways of singing and using your voice, high quality vocal training and a whole different musical world besides jazz in a very comfortable atmosphere. Mark is not only a professional singer and songwriter with a lot of proven experience but also a very nice and warm hearted person.”

Kurt L.

“Mark was great. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very patient. I highly recommend his lessons for anyone wanting to improve their singing voice.”


Martin N.

“Mark is a very calm and canny teacher. I always enjoy my lessons and I’m satisfied with my improvement. My recommendation for him as a vocal coach!”

Olga M.

“Mark is a master and an inspiring mentor.”


• Greifswalder str. (tram stop Am Friedrichshain, very close to Alexanderplatz)
• Stechlinstr. (Karlshorst)
• At your home (for an additional cost depending on your location)
• via Skype


You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours beforehand, afterwards we unfortunately do have to fully bill you.